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If There Was Ever Any Doubt That The Internet is a Dark and Dangerous Place

Let it be forever dispelled by the news that Joan Rivers has an ad on the online dating site match.com. Given a choice, I think chatting with a 35 year old man pretending to be a teenage girl would be a hell of a lot less creepy - certainly less strident.
Update: I have removed the photo of Joan Rivers I originally had accompanying this post - it was drawing complaints, and I decided that subjecting the Gentle Readers of this blog to such a sight with their morning coffee was too cruel

You have fouled this site! I demand another Faith Hill picture in recompense. And, since I was nice enough to create a link to the weird eye-popping image a couple of weeks back after you all complained, I would like this picture replaced with a link.

Maybe a nice picture of a fuzzy animal. One with a bit of temper to match Joan's. Say, how about...

A cougar?

Actually, Kev - I've removed the photo entirely.

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