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The Eternal Bleating of the Formerly Hot

Eugh. Brigitte Bardot is beginning to look like she's had all of the moisture sucked out of her - They need to label those packets of Silica Gel that say "Do Not Eat" with simpler instructions.

Again, we are confronted with the infinite wisdom of the celebrity. Part of the story that I saw on television showed Bardot (when she was obviously more mobile) cuddling up to a baby seal. Which, when you think about it, makes the mommy seal less likely to come back and care for her young - adult seals cannot abide the scent of outdated French perfume. So, congrats, B., you have effectively murdered a baby seal. Same goes for Mrs. Beatle, ...sorry, Wing, ...oops, no, McCartney.

Snuggling up to the baby seals is bad. Simple as that. And, its disingenuous - the hunting of white coated seals has been illegal for some time. They are not at risk, but the adults aren't as photogenic. The seal hunt is regulated to eliminate, as much as possible, the very activity that you are symbolically (and simplistically) protesting.

I don't watch Entertorture Tonight, or any of those type of programs. I don't care what Ben is sleeping with this week - it could be a koala, as long as it's called Jennifer - and I absolutely do not care what celebrities have to say about politics, or anything else for that matter.

I respect my friends (Some of the the best and brightest ones post here) that have reasoned opinions, and observe the world around them with a critical eye. Everytime I see a celebrity advocating for a cause, it brings the mind a carnival barker: "Step right up, folks, hear the opinions of famous people! They're more important than you! And while you're at it, see their newest movie/buy the CD/covet the lifestyle!"

They are not more important than us. They do a job. Some of them do it well, and I respect that. And, have you noticed that those who do their jobs well (DO, present tense, this is very important) are those who quietly support good causes, and don't bleat incessantly about the cause du jour?

They are not there to proseletyze, they (actors, at least) are there to pretend to be someone else.
Can some of you pretend to be someone who shuts the fuck up about things you don't know anything about? Please?

What really winds me up about seal hunt protests is the selectivness of it and the arrogance behind the whole thing. Mankind hunts a lot of different animals but criteria for protest is obviously cuteness. Greenpeace is more or less okay with the annual moose hunt apparently. I don't hunt or fish because I don't need to but I know I don't have the right to tell others that do that they have to change their ways because they're making me sad.There's a level of emotional immaturity amongst the protesters who cannot accept that others have no interest in their lifestyle and beliefs, so we get stuck with aging celebrities taking us to task for it.

Good post and a very nasty title. I heartily approve.

Of course Flash you realize that asking a celebrity to shut the fuck up about anything is like asking a fish to play the piano - it is totally against their nature. The moment they shut up is the moment they stop being a celebrity. And that goes for things they know and don't know about - especially for actors. They make their living faking stuff, why let a little reality bust up a good photo op hugging a coot liddwe seawww?

And seals just bring 'em out in droves, don't they? Let Bardot protest the animals that were killed going towards her supper, her clothing, or for fuck sakes the rats that died in the experiments that produce the medication that keep her obviously undead ass alive.

Or the virgins whose blood she probably bathes in.
There are people who should have shut up a long time ago and stopped being celebrities - will someone tell me why I should be motivated to use the phrase 'paris hilton' except in planning a trip to the capital of France and staying in a particular hotel?
I'm deliberately avoiding the obvious joke here, of course. Gotta have some standards.

I have an interesting solution. Get all of those celebrity protesters to go and hug the cute, little white furred seal pups for the full length of the hunt 924 hrs a day just in case the "evil seal hunters" come out at night to club those seasl). Mean while the seal hunters can go about their business as usual hunting their normal seals. We would hope that a)the protesters would freeze to death in a meaningless gesture or b) get eaten by a polar bear who may venture their way.
The only downfall to this plan is the cruel and unusual punishment to the cute baby white coated seals having to listen to the protester's drivel for such a long peroid of time.

I thought bears wouldn't eat carrion, that's why you're supposed to play dead when you confront one. And I certainly wouldn't ask one to eat Paris Hilton - all that plastic wouldn't be healthy for it. And while we're on the subject of dipshit celebrities - can I issue an open statement to Pamela Anderson to shut the fuck up - you got a lot of gall complaining about other people's cruelty to animals, Pam, after inflicting "Barb Wire' on the movie viewing public.

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