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An abject apology

Sorry for the light posting this week - it's been pretty hectic at work and my evenings, when I normally do most of my bloggery, have been filled with a new discovery - Battlestar Galactica. For whatever reason, when they announced the remake I decided without watching that I wasn't going to bother. I wasn't a huge fan of the original, though I did watch it, so it wasn't out of snobbery or elitism or anything like that - I simply opted not to watch it.

What a mistake.

I borrowed the DVD's for the first season and I can't stop watching it - it is absolutely brilliant television. It is science fiction done right - I would even dare say done right for the first time. I might draw some fire from fans of other series with that last remark, and fairly so, but I honestly haven't seen the mixture of excellent writing, acting, setting, and pure sci-fi menace that this show has managed to pull together.

In any case, I should return as a more regular blogperson in the coming days. I will attempt to mete out the second season love in lighter doses that will have less of an impact on my real life.

Thank you for your patience.

I could not agree with you more. Wow another Liberal activist who enjoys BSG...are you my evil twin?!?
Guess the Tories would call us "Lefty Space Cadets".

I'm green with envy. I almost have access to a big 50" plasma. I'm just waiting for a chance to watch a whole season of Battlestar.
I've posted on this, too.
I still have not seen one episode.

Brant - I suspect that there are more than just us out there. And I should think that there are lots of conservative fans, too - the political spectrum on the show seems to be pretty well populated.

Oh my, a 50" - that would be the way to watch it! I have to settle for my 27", alas. Go rent it - you will definitely enjoy it!

Another lefty spacecadet here...I absolutley love this show and I WAS a huge fan of the original.

I almost didn't watch it because one review talked about the Cylons being scantily clad women now. I thought "Oh Gawd, how typically American and cheesey!"

But I like Edward James Almos so I watched anyway and was hooked.

Absolutely the best TV out there, let alone the best SC-Fi.

It's about time there was some mature, well-done sci-fi (with apologies to Harlan Ellison) that respects the intelligence of its audience. You get the sense these are real, three-dimensional people, not cardboard cutouts who are secondary to the special effects.
Which are, without exception, magnificent, by the way.

I'll agree with you on the excellence of the program, although I'll be honest and point out that it wasn't the only well done sci-fi - I was actually quite fond of Babylon Five and not just because they had Harlan Ellison as Continuity Consultant.

One amazing and hopefully intentional aspect of BG is that there is no single character who makes the show unwatchable. Think Deanna Troy or (later seasons) Wesley Crusher from Star Trek:TNG. I personally found Stephen Furst's character unwatchable on Babylon 5 (I didn't watch more than two-three episodes of this, so obviously my aversion to the Furst character was greater than my aversion to Troy and Crusher combined). Neelix on ST: Voyager. Etc., etc.

I've seen no such character on Battlestar Galactica, as of yet. I like 'em all, and I even root for Baltar to prevail from time to time. I mean, who can't feel for a guy who's main flaw is that he can't say no to Tricia Helfer?

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