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Fiddling with numbers, Nova Scotia style

The Nova Scotia Tories are apparently trying to pave their way to a majority government. The budget, released yesterday increases spending by over $400 million and leaves a surplus of $72 million, which I presume would go toward the province's mountainous debt. The premier seems to have bought the acquiescance, if not outright support of the NDP with their heating oil rebate, which leader Darrel Dexter maintained was a requirement for NDP support. The Liberals may withhold support, however it might not matter.

The question remains, however, if the Tories intend to use this budget as a taxpayer-subsidized campaign platform rather than pass it through the legistature, as there is wide speculation that an election may well be called before debate ends (or begins?) on it. If so, this whole endeavour is simply a cynical manouver that I can only hope will bite the Tories in the ass.

The budget is also full of the do nothing now but promise later five- and ten-year plans that are the hallmark of utter tripe. For instance, promising to lower university tuition fees to the national average within five years but providing no funds to begin this year. Oh yeah, and cutting my income tax $22 per year each of the next four years is a silly promise when we all know that interest rates are going to increase over that time and interest payments on the debt, which is at least no longer increasing in size, are going to increase accordingly. Put my $22 into the debt, and cut my taxes years down the road when we can afford it.

$22 can't even buy me a decent bottle of rum, Rodney, so you might as well keep it.

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