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The return of "Oh yeah? Well, I'm going home and taking my football with me"

I didn't catch this in any of the earlier reports of Stephen Harper's "the media is biased" hissy-fit and I haven't had any blogsurfing time today, but it appears that:

Harper's office circulated a memo to friendly lobbyists asking them to make the point that the journalists who walked out were lazy

So, I'm thinking that we are in the next few hours going to be able to identify who exactly are the Harper-certified media outlets in the country.

And click on my new icon to find out more information about our fearfullless leader.

"Screw you guys, I'm goin home."

If only it were that easy to get rid of him.

Hilarious! Love the soother, btw. ;)

If Harper is having this much trouble keeping his attitude under wraps this early how big is the implosion going to be if he pulls off a majority? On the plus side, anyone that scared off the citizenry having easy access to information on the workings of their government is obviously scared of us. We can use that.
In a similar vein, the Minister of Defense has gone off-message (I'm assuming he didn't clear things with the boss) and said that the media ban on returning remains wasn't done with any consultation of the families after all. Expect to see him in front of a camera far less than he has been.

I'm intrigued by the strict prohibition on comment by Conservatives about the same-sex marriage of two Mounties. In this case, I can agree with Harper that someone is bound to say something completely idiotic and derogatory. It pains me to do so, mind you.

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