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Kenny-Boy and Jeffy goin' to da big house

Well, sort of.

I'm sure Briguy will want to do a write-up on this, as it seems his hatred of these two and what they represent radiates like an almost-audible hum, so I will simply point out that the verdicts were just announced.

Question: Why did it take so damned long?

Observation: They face up to 20-30 years, I presume in a posh golf-course infested "jail" set aside for white collar criminals that you or I might actually otherwise pay money to stay at for a getaway weekend. Just how many million did they get for each year in "jail"? This, in a country that prides itself on being "tough on crime", where stealing a car can get you five years or more if it isn't a third strike, and life if it is. Of course, if you're stealing a car you are more likely to be poor, and very possibly black or Hispanic and therefore, one presumes, deserving of jail as a public threat.

I'm just sayin'...

Or of course if you were in Canada you wouldn't get 30 years for a tripple murder!!!

Actually, ex-ndip, since Paul Bernado's serving an indefinite (read never getting out) sentence for precisely that - it's obvious you don't know what the fuck you're talking about - besides, I fail to see what precisely this has to do with Kevvyd's post. (BTW, it's 'triple' - moron)

Evidently, some truly screwed-up thought process in whatever passes for your brain causes you to turn everything into an attack on 'liberalism' - I have no idea what's driven you to blame 'liberalism' for everything that's gone wrong in your sad pathetic little life - nor frankly, do I give a shit. Now, go away, go sit in your room in the basement of your mommy's house, and wank off to your poster of Rush Limbaugh - if this is the best you can muster for an argument, you aren't worth the shoe leather I'd expend in kicking your worthless ass.

I'm late, I'm late. Sorry. This conviction both surprises and pleases me. Now, I eagerly await the sentencing hearing/proceedings/eternity to find out if justice does indeed exist for the victims of Enron's leaders. Bated breath and all.

I wonder if Vegas offers odds on guessing who will be the recipients of outgoing Presidential Pardons? Skilling and Lay are probably quite looking forward to January 2009. Hell, a few days of posh jail time might even push them into the impeachment camp. :)

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