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Some good news...

The other day, a friend of mine who occasionally reads this here little blog, asked me if I was always angry when I wrote stuff. That had me puzzled, because I don't consider myself an angry person and I usually bounce things around a few times so that even on issues that I feel strongly about I am not (too) rude or (too) impertinent.

Then I realized what she was picking up on - most of the things I write about are complaints and whines about this or that. Thus, I thought it was about time I posted some good news. Actually, I consider this damn good news. A study out of UCLA has just determined that smoking marijuana, even very heavily, does not measurably increase your cancer risk.

So lets either illegalize poisonous cigarettes or legalize pot so we can all smoke together. Light 'em up Sparky!

I am all for criminalizing cigarettes! And knowing my friends with whom I have shared a puff or two of pot, I would not be adverse to limited decrimilization of the non-cancer producing alternative.

my $0.02

Kevvy 'angry'?'impertinent'? God forbid...'RUDE'?! Why, without such endearing traits, "Bait the Kevvy" wouldn't be a fun game at all...

Are you trying to get me started? :)

Naaahhh... Not while you're lookin'for it. That's no fun either

Now, Kevvy - has graven ever done that to you?

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