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Free Speech: Protecting, Defending...Denying

The ACLU is making suggestions that they may limit the right of Board members to criticize the organization. That's what I love about living in this modern world - there's enough insane contradictions to keep a blogger happy for quite a long time.
As a champion of free speech, this is the last thing the ACLU should be proposing.
Perhaps the name needs to be changed to the American Conditional Liberties Union.

You may speak freely, as long as you agree with us. Sound familiar? If this organization represents and defends free speech, then average Americans are doomed to have the government continue to tread on their Constitutional rights for the forseeable future.


This kind of reminds me of the debate that I see in the Canadian blogosphere now and then. When a party, particularly the NDP, declare a caucus vote on an issue they deny their members' individual voices. However, some of the more divisive votes, are meant to protect or expand individual rights (like same-sex marriage), so perhaps the party is right in forcing solidarity.

It is a thin line. And awkward for any organization that purports to defend rights and speech

We need a mock up of those old environmental commericals, but for civil rights. Par example, remember the Native dude crying because of litter?

Okay, so we pan from the Constitution, to Jefferson... Tear...

Okay, sounded better in my head.. At this point, being silly is seemingly the only viable option. It's bad enough when the guy sworn by law to uphold the Constitution acts against it, but another when the guys who do so voluntarily can't seem to recall the ideals. Maybe we need the ACLULU, you know, to keep them on the up and up.

"We need more watchers!"
"Sir, we're all watchers now"
"Damnit, to the clonery!"

See, being silly about it is just fun.

Jacob, being silly is the only rational reaction.
The whole situation is just one of many scenarios where it is the responsibility of those intelligent enough to pay attention to point at things and say, "What the hell was that?" Being able to laugh at those who purport to have broad interests at heart but are obviously looking after themselves is becoming a coping skill - The rule, rather than the exception.
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes.

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