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Impending election?

It sure looks like Rodney MacDonald is about to call a Nova Scotia election. He's even dredging up the old Sunday shopping issue as a way to drum up support in urban Halifax, support which he'll need if the Tories are to win a majority this time around. A couple of years ago we had a plebiscite attached to municipal elections in which in which voters were asked about it and the province voted narrowly against it in a vote that was split largely down urban/rural lines.

How do the other parties stand on the issue? The NDP's Darrell Dexter would like to see another plebiscite attached to the next round of municipal elections, which should be in 2008 or 2009. Francis MacKenzie, the leader of the Liberal party would like to let each municipality decide on its own on the issue, which is like saying "I want Sunday shopping but don't want to piss off the country folk by saying so". It's an attempt to anger no one with an actual decision and still get a result - Sunday shopping will spread across the province as soon as one town opens the door.

In case you are interested in the NS political scene, I've taken up MikeM's kind offer to jump in as guest-poster on things provincial in a new blog he's started up on issues related to the Nova Scotia provincial election. It should prove to be an interesting forum; me the mild-mannered kevvyd (and maybe some cohorts from this blog) , Mike, the Tory barbarian, and Lars who has a site dedicated to things Liberal.

I hope to see you there.

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