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Just trust us, we're from the government...

No, this is not about the Tories and Kyoto or the Liberals on, well, just about anything, it's a post about George Bush, the NSA, and massive phone call logging. This has been blogged on a fair bit today, so I won't rehash what has gone before, but I just have to ask how a president that has done so much to not deserve the respect and trust of others expect to be believed when he says "the privacy of ordinary Americans is fiercely protected in all our activities"?

Seriously, I mean. Yeah, he goes to church, but he has done nothing but lie from both ends for the last six years and he expects to be cut some slack on this issue? And the worst part of it for Bush is that, even if he is telling the truth (this time), the NSA can't comment: "Given the nature of the work we do, it would be irresponsible to comment on actual or alleged operational issues".

Another president, hell just about any other president might have been given some leeway on this issue, but Bush has not proven trustworthy or capable enough to be trusted with this kind of information. Hell, judging from the weird administration response to real events like Katrina, who can say whether they haven't put idiots in place that would just let the information slip out all accidental-like?

If there was a real opposition party in the US this guy would have been impeached two years ago. If there was any justice, he'd be behind bars with the other leaders of his party. And while we're at it, let the Democratic "leaders" who have gutlessly watched while Bush has dropped of fucked up everything he touched serve some time for aiding and abetting or criminal negligence or for just being weak-kneed fools. Okay, there is not a law against being a weak-kneed fool, but if you're elected to provide leadership or at the very least intelligence, and you turn out to be like the current crop santioned by the DLC, then at the very least you are guilty of fraud.

Makes one wonder what's up with the Democrats, eh?

I can't honestly say I wonder at all, because it's so obvious what has happened. Ever since Reagan murdered Carter in '79 they have tried to win over the electorate by being just like the Republicans, but not quite, and it largely hasn't worked. Clinton surprised everyone in '91 partly because Bush pissed off his base by raising taxes when he needed to, and partly because he was indeed charming and won over a good chunk of the middle. Then, in '95 he won when Perot stole 19% of the vote, and most of that from the Republicans.

No, the Dems have become the Republicans in all but name - they are just as beholden to corporations, albeit different ones, and they intend to represent "the people" every bit as poorly and infrequently. Both parties have become election machines, but unfortunately for the Dems, the Republicans got there first and just do it better.

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