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Happy Mother's Day

The Canadian military has some dedicated people! Cpl. Karri Allison, a military medic and single mom, is currently doing a six-month tour of duty in Kandahar, leaving her four-year old son in the care of her mother, who left her job to move to Greenwood to look after him during her posting. There is no indication in the article that at any point did she ask for and was denied compassionate leave to not go with her unit, so I have to assume that she did not; this is simply a case of someone who "signed on the dotted line" and went to serve without question. As she says
When I joined, I signed on the dotted line like everybody else. I am a mom, but I’m also a soldier. What makes me any more important than somebody’s father?
Indeed, but importance is relative. I would hazard to guess that there are relatively few single fathers in the military leaving behind children.

I am honoured and thankful, and really, really hope that such sacrifice is worth it. (Though as you may have read in these parts, I have my doubts.)

Thanks to Paul for pointing out this article.

First, I would like to say that I admire the conviction of the single mother for believing what it means to sign on the dotted line. I am sure there are a lot of other soldiers, who search high and low for ways to avoid being sent to dangerous locations. My concern is for the military's lack of compassion for the single parent and dangerous operations. As Kevin has pointed out, the article does not say if the mother was forced to go by the military, however, there is a process in which soldiers are chosen to go or held back. This process includes an interview with your Commanding Officer and your Padre, both who should have strong knowledge of your backgrund. I have been through this process as I prepared to go to Kosovo in 1999. This process is or should be in place to prevent such events as sending a child's only parent to a very dangerous deployment. Somewhere along this process someone should have raised a red flag to identify this situation. The child will be without his mother for 6-8 months. His mother is in the most dangerous place for the Canadian military and if by chance she dies, the child will be an orphan. I think this is heartless. I know soldiers have to do what they are told to do, but I believe the chain of command should choose with more compassion. I hope I am not the only one who sees it this way.

Paul just for you information in your comments about a single mom at war in Kandahar, her son will not be an orphan, Alexei does have a loving father that left the military a year ago so is son could have one parent who at least would be able to give him a stable home in a loving environnement. So I wish the reporters would have there facts right before writing an article.

I would like to respond to anonymous,pls get your facts straight,Alexei is looked after by loving grandparents,they will look after him if anything was to happen to his very brave and courages mother,his father did not leave the military for Alexei,he left because he could not handle being in the Forces nor did he have the pride and support of a family in his chose of career in the military as does Cpl.Allison. Cpl.Karri Allison has been the sole provider,emotionally and financially to this precious little boy for 3yrs,she has sole custody, she and she alone will enstill good morales and a social conscious, so this little boy will grow up to be a far better man.
Cpl.Allison went to Afghanistan because she believes in the mission,she looks at the big picture,she wants to ensure a save,and free country for her child in Canada and for the children in Afghanistan,to the others who have commented it is 2006 quess what women have had the vote for sometime.I can never understand people who use anonymos,I can only guess either they are cowards or they are lying I am niether.Damn Proud Military Mom of Cpl.Allison.Heather Allison

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