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I dare the Democrats to lose the mid-terms if this comes to pass

If this is right, the Republicans might be looking forward to an even harder spanking in the November mid-terms than the current poll numbers indicate. The Christian right, which has strongly backed the current administration, appears to be unhappy with the vigour with which the Republicans have assaulted the rights of gays and women and are considering withholding support in the fall. Of course, as the article points out, Christian religious leaders in the US commonly launch harangues against the Republicans prior to elections, however, with support withering all over the political spectrum, the Republicans are particularly vulnerable this time.

Also, mid-term elections might well be a safe venue for the Dobson Right to air its grievances with the Republicans. Whereas during a presidential campaign they might be forced to plug their nose and cast their votes against the anal-sex loving Democrats, mid-terms let them apply pressure and cast protest votes in a manner that stings but still doesn't put them in the drivers' seat.

In any case, I fully expect to hear more about the sinful same-sex marriage issue and gay rights generally in the next couple of months; the barbecue circuit south of the border should be hot with talk about how other people should live their lives. After all, it's a bit of a stretch for guys like Rick Santorum to look like the give a goddamned about the poor, but when votes are at stake, it's real easy to make him look like he doesn't like gays. Because, well, he doesn't.

It's what they call "playing to their strength".

If they make some kind of gesture to intolerance and bigotry they may get the Evangelicals, but they'd energize the people currently loathing Bush and the GOP right now even more, and incline the moderate conservatives - they still exist and they've been completely abandoned by the Republicans - to stay home on Election Day.

Rock and a hard place.

What I find most fascinating about that article is the fact that it appears as though the conservative message machine has finally, really, truly, backfired.

Remember how in the aftermath of the 2004 presidential election, all the talk in the media was about how the christians help elect Bush? That the Democrats weren't connecting to those voters?

Despite the fact that this was a load of hooey, enabled by the supposedly liberal media, it appears that the Christian right believed it, and now they're wondering where their slice of the pie is, and why gays haven't been expelled to Cuba yet!

The irony is almost too beautiful....

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