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NS election coverage

For those interested in the political goings-on in my fair province, check out the linked page. I've linked the site over on the right as well.

Way too early to take predictions seriously, but here goes.
The NDP has been trying to show the electorate that they can be trusted.
"Our ideas make so much sense, even the Conservatives will use them to buy your votes."
The Conservatives are unabashedly trying to buy our votes.
"If this plank will buy your vote, we'll do it."
The Liberals are trying to differentiate themselves from the Tories and NDP.
"We're different. We don't like either the Tories or the NDP, and neither should you."
I think the voters will go either Conservative or NDP.
I think Dexter is too bland, MacKenzie too off the wall.
MacDonald is fresh enough to sell to the electorate if we're still stupid enough to be bought with our own money.
Tories 29, NDP 16, Grits 7.

Blue noses, Green majority.


The Local Yokels still ARE stupid enough to be bought with their own money.

Mugsy Brian Mulroney and the Nova Scotia middle-man connection IS the key to all of the $ Billions borrowed from Saudi Arabia via an arab lawyer working out of East Sussex, England, with Buchanan using a CON "Associates" private office out of Mahone Bay-connected to a high-end German realtor with offices in Halifax & Humburg using the province of Nova Scotia. The realtors collect 1.5% of the BillionS US.
PM Harper appoints Mugsy Mulroney as a "Special Advisor." Harper puts stipulations on the 'suppossed' upcoming Investigation into Mugsy Mulroney & Air Bus - & NS facade Bear Head project.

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