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Another reason the National Post isn't fit for a bird-cage

In a fun must-read, Wonderdog wrote yesterday on the turgid reaction of the right-wing blogosphere to the arrest of the terrorist-wannabes in Toronto late last week. I do not deign to add anything to his argument except to comment that it is not only the unpaid hacks of the blogosphere that have taken the opportunity to make shit up. The never-proud, always loud National Post, which is making an art of mis-reading the news (let alone mis-writing it), has gushed "the episode also provides one more reason to be relieved that Paul Martin's government was voted out of office", having apparently missed the police statement that this was the culmination of a two year investigation.

For what it's worth - the National Post a little while back stopped printing an Atlantic version. For the first time in a while, I think that the Maritimes is ahead of the curve.

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