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WTF? Friday Part II

Thought I'd share this one I found via James Randi's site (always worth a visit!)

On April 27th this year, clergy in Washington D.C. and across the U.S prayed. Did they pray for World Peace? No! Did they pray for an end to the War in Iraq? No? Did they pray for Bush to break 35% in the polls? No! They had more important things to ask of our Father in Heaven, they were praying for lower gas prices!

Now, leaving aside the seeming indignity of relegating the Almighty to the level of a Gas Station Attendant, this heartfelt plea doesn't seem to have worked - as you can see from the chart, prices didn't drop. (the red mark shows the date the prayers went out) Hey, maybe God was too busy waiting to see "The DaVinci Code" - I hear He's a big Tom Hanks fan...

Oh BTW, people - they're predicting nine hurricanes this upcoming storm season, so I wouldn't count on prices dropping much this summer. (I think Someone's pissed....)

Hey Dan,
The prices might not have dropped, but they did level off.


Hmmm. And I was sure God drove a Hummer.

Hmmm...Maybe god has stock in the oil companies?

God wanted a Texas oilman to serve in the White House. George Bush said so.

God drives a Hummer - that's blasphemy! Everyone knows God drives a 1960 Cadillac Convertable. As for the price levelling off - wait for it, Kev - I'm sure the oil companies will boost the price just before you go on your summer vacation.

I'm fully confident that the moment we start packing the mini-van for our central Canada adventure there will be a price spike that will last about, say, two weeks.

The only way (on earth) to have "more money than God" would be to own a *lot* of stock in oil companies, so I am very sure that he does. If only to keep up with the Jones'.

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