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Oh, Get a Life....

DC Comics has announced that they plan to resurrect the character of Batwoman - don't worry if you've never heard of her, she was killed off in 1979; didn't even happen during a big
crossover event. The kicker is, this version's going to be a (gasp) Lesbian! So suddenly, this is big news - all over the place - even crowded out the 'Brangelina baby' in a few places. And everyone's got an opinion - so what the hey, I'll give mine. First off, irregardless of what Dan Didio says, this is not about diversity - if they wanted diversity, a lesbian Batwoman would not be a 5 foot 10 inch tall redhead with an athletic body - she'd look like Rosie O'Donnell. But - no one wants to see Rosie O'Donnell in a skin tight black suit (well maybe some people do, but we really don't want to know who they are). That being said, it's not a bad move - if nothing else, it's gotten them publicity, and if the comic series is well done, I have no problem with this - I will if it's simply done as a gimmick. And for all those people who have flooded the DC comics message board - all having joined on the same day (odd, that) protesting - I refer you to the title of this post. There seems to be an attitude that just because you bought the original comics that you have some right of 'ownership' of this character. Read my lips - YOU DO NOT. The character is owned by DC Comics, and if they want to make her a lesbian, Chinese, African-American or whatever - guess what? They can, and they don't need to ask your permission - they have that right. You can refuse to buy it, that's your right too. And for all the right-wingers upset because a fictional character in a fictional universe won't sleep with them - don't worry, there's plenty of real life women that won't sleep with you either - that doesn't mean they're lesbians, mind you, they belong to a subset of heterosexuals called 'women of discriminating tastes'...

She's running around in a form-fitting leather fetish-bat costume, but the real issue is that she likes to kiss girls.


This is one of those times that you realize how many people have far too much time on their hands (and I shudder to think what else might be on there...).
There have been gay superheroes, although they haven't been top-tier, well-known ones, just supporting characters that needed something to actually make them interesting.
DC has achieved its ends - we're talking about their 'new' character as if she's a real person. People will buy the comics, and the marketing department can sit back with smiles on their faces.
I love DC comics (ergo, the screen name), and grew up reading them, but the marketing techniques are getting more shallow and transparent. As long as the stories are good, I'll keep reading. They do some things that are more consistent than Marvel, e.g. characters actually have a good chance of staying dead - R.I.P. Barry Allen.
Trying to reflect a significant portion of the population is a noble effort, but it seems forced - they are having better luck with ethnic diversity lately, with the new Atom being Asian, a first as far as I know.

Of course there have been gay superheroes - Batman and catamite, er Robin comes to mind. :)

So, a disciple of Dr. Frederick Wertham, eh?

I learn new stuff every day! I just googled him, having never heaerd of him, and here he is.

Funny you should mention Wertham, since the original Batwoman character was brought in as a response to his allegations - kind of a 'give Batman a female love interest'

Iiiiit's a small world aaaaafter allll...

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