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A letter to Peter King (or There really is no pleasing some people)

Dear Peter,
I note your comments on the arrest of the terrorist wannabes in Toronto with interest. I noticed how you, without any evidence to indicate any such thing, suggest:
Americans should be very concerned, because Canada is our northern neighbour and there's a large al Qaeda presence in Canada. I think it's a disproportionate number of al Qaeda in Canada because of their very liberal immigration laws, because of how political asylum is granted so easily.

First and foremost, there is no evidence yet that there was any connection between the Canadian group and al Qaeda. (To you right-wing semi-literates that write in using the handy anonymous comment feature, note the word "yet" - evidence might appear and I will not try to hide it if it does.) All the police have said as of my last reading today was that these guys were inspired by, or sympathetic to the al Qaeda cause, but that no connection has yet been found to al Qaeda. I would love to see Edmonton win the Stanley Cup, but that does not mean I am an Edmonton Oiler.

And while we're on the topic of stupid assertions, I think I might have missed the question on the census that asked if I was a member of al Qaeda. And what exactly is a "proportionate number" of al Qaeda, anyway? Is there a certain percentage that we can expect in a given population? How many over are we? Do you want the extras? Is there something in the free trade deal that covers these off, or do they just migrate like geese. Canada geese. Does the number grow to a certain size and then stabilize when the suicide bombings begin? What exactly is the life-cycle of an al Qaeda member? If so much is known about their population in Canada, I would think that these basic questions should be answered.

Oh yeah, and Peter, I like the way you made the timely connection to immigration laws. Guess we best be getting on that fence thing, or are you guys gonna cover that off for us?

I know why you feel you have to do this, because I know that it's hard having only arrested one person for that whole 911 thing only to have the guy that probably arranged the whole affair say that he's just a mouthy twerp that knew nothing about it (that's gotta hurt), and I realize that not pinning anyone with the anthrax scare and killings is biting and really unfair even to mention, and that you need to shift the terrorism spotlight somewhere to hide your own failures. I understand this - the fear fire has to be stoked every now and then to keep the Republican fires burning, to justify Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and really, there is not that much to talk about these days - the bogeymen, except for those of your own making, have all crept back under the beds for a while.

At least until the media starts to talk about Ken Lay/George Bush links, but those are different bogeymen under the wrong beds!

I know why you say shit like this and it's totally okay; I spend hours writing posts about your country, so I'm okay about you shooting your mouth off about mine. It's cool, we're just out here having fun, right?

Let's just say I sympathize.

Your northern amigo,


Oh but, Kevvy, Peter King's an expert in terrorists - he hung out with enough of them in his day!

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