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What evidence did they expect?

So the Afghan court has dismissed the case of Abdul Rahman on grounds that they "do not have enough evidence to prosecute.
Naturally, this raises the question exactly what evidence they would have found sufficient? I mean, didn't he publicly state his conversion?

I mean, it's not like he converted to Judaism, in which case they would have found medical evidence had they only looked underneath his flipper snappers.

In all likelihood this is just a way for the Afghan government to try to pry its way out of a tight corner, but I'm not sure it is over yet.

Oh, it's not over. I heard he's now being investigated for switching to Geico.

yeah, that f**king lizard sucks them all in

I think Canada should immediately offer this guy assylum. If he stays in Afghanistan he is likely to be found in a ditch missing his head.

So do you believe they should have found him guilty and executed him?

Of course not. However, it's obvious that the government backed themselves into a corner and have used a technicality to get out. Easier to make an exception than to change a foolish law. Same thing happens here, though not often in such dire circumstances.

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