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Problem with the Democratic Party #6127

Not only do we have values, we have all values!

What is going on in the Democratic Party? Why does the Left tolerate these idiots?

It's critical that there be a left-wing voice in the US two-party state and in theory they are it. However, their actions over the past couple of decades have shown in stark detail that they are not a friend of the Left. Oh they're there at the door with hand out spouting about representative government, but when they get a sniff of power they dance to the tune that the big-time corporate donors play. I mean, seriously, if the Democrats really represented your interests, would we be seeing Howard Dean trying to kiss Pat Buchanon's ass saying that they Dem's are against same-sex marriage, but then turning around and telling the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force that they are for it? It's like the Democratic Party's first instinct is to bend in the same way George Bush's is to lie.

If this blog does have any American readers, please hear my plea: stop voting for the Democratic Party. They have long ago forgotten about you and your petty little egalitarian demands and are just another cluster (cabal? coven?) of Republicans. By trying so hard to woo soft-Republican voters over they have simply assumed that the Left has no alternative but to vote for them because otherwise the Republicans will win the election. Well, guess what - the Democrats are going to lose the next election and the one after that and the one after that. By not actually believing in anything, or rather by believing in whatever you tell them to believe, they have become a well-oiled election losing machine. Noone should vote for an unknown and they have become just that. And if they did win it would be just with another Clinton-type soft neo-con that feels your pain anyway, so why bother?

But what are you going to do if the Republicans win again? Well, it's tough, but let's start with the obvious - the Republicans are going to win again. No question. Which of the list of leadership contenders that the Democrats are putting forward is going to win you an election? Any of those likely to crack the Republican base? Nope. Any of them going to rally the campuses? Come on. Is it possible that they could win an election without turning into a Republican? Likely not.

So what is a lefty to do?

Back independents, start your own parties, get your asses out and vote; but not for the two biggies. If this fall 80% of the eligible voters came out and 25% voted for a third-party or for independents, you will see some motion from the big creaky two. Nothing real yet, but motion. Then, when, in 2008 they again see 80% of the vote but 30% going to third-party options, they will know that the writing is on the wall.

There are two ways to create a real Left voice in the US - change the Democratic Party or make your own. By voting for third-party options you make either one of those possible. You might well start something that becomes a national party unto itself, who knows? But if not, then at the very least you will have told the Democrats in no uncertain terms that they cannot simply assume your vote. When they stop taking you for granted, they will start listening, and when they start listening they might just start acting. But they haven't heard from you yet.

To now the biggest indicator that there is a problem in American politics is the low and decreasing voter turnout. However, that can be explained by a hundred different things, not all of which can be true. There is no doubt in my mind, and Michael Moore points it out in his work, that a large number of you non-voters simply feel that neither of those two parties speak for you. That is all well and good, it is arguably impossible to represent all interests in two parties, but you are not telling anyone this by not voting. Get out there and vote for someone else for a change. Don't let the Dems scare you out of voting for Ralph Nader or Green or whoever, because they are not going to win anyway.

Bring back the Whigs!
Or the Bull Moose Party!
Or even the Silly Party, the Slightly Silly Party, the Very Silly Party or the Sensible Party.
You couldn't do any worse.

I don't know that you're giving the best advice there, my friend. I mean, take a look at the SK NDP, apparently a left-wing party. Ya right, they forgot about that ideology as soon as they took the helm. They're pandering to business just like Liberals...

I'm not really aware of provincial politics outside of my little realm here in NS, so I can't comment directly to the SK situation. The problem with introducing left-wing parties at the provincial level is that they are still limited by constraints placed upon them from the federal government, which is pretty right-wing. Changes at the federal level have a better chance.

Not that there's no point in voting left at the provincial level, it's just that any government there has less freedom, in my opinion.

I think it's a cheap shot to say the Saskatchewan NDP Government is pandering to business - they're just not as anti-business as Buzz Hargrove and the CAW would like them to be. You're also overlooking the fact that a provincial party will have a different set of priorities than a federal one. The Gun Registry is an perfect example - it would be political suicide for the Saskatchewan NDP to support a Gun Registry in a mostly rural province, and indeed they don't.

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