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Tarek Fatah

I just popped by Adam Daifallah's blog this morning to see what how my favorite optimist neo-con is doing now that the Bush Administration is beginning to talk of a possible "coming" Iraqi civil war. Naturally, all is silent, because it's hard to maintain that optimism with all that reality fogging it up.

However, he does have a note about Tarek Fatah, one of the strong voices of reason within the Canadian Muslim community stepping down after receiving death threats for daring to voice moderation against extremism. Adam is 100% right - this deserves coverage and Mr. Fatah deserves support from those of us that would have peace between the religions and cultures of the world.

Completely agree with you on Fatah. Posted on it this morning

Hey Mike,
It's nice to see that we agree now and again! I'll check out your post - mine glaringly lacks detail.

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