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I, too, am sick of all of the bad news about Iraq...

Adam Daifallah and the "optimistic" Right have been simpering of late about the lack of coverage of good news of all of the lovely things happening in Iraq. And to back up his assertions, Daifallah uses reports from notably honest Ahmed Chalabi. He was probably reading from the Dick Cheney and George Bush songbook as well, as they have trotted out the new mantra that the invasion war establishment of a democracy is going fine, it's just the damnable reporters that keep showing the explosions because it's better TV.

CNN television earlier in the week played an interview with Lara Logan, a reporter working in Baghdad, who explained that it is hard to report on "good news" when they can't leave their hotels without armed guards and are asked by the embassy to not report on the construction of schools and whatnot because they are afraid that as soon as they are made public they too will be attacked. Go to this link and watch the video - there is some hope for CNN when they get people like this.

Granted, George and Dick live in the most gated of communities so the world will have to get pretty close to hell before they'll actually feel it, and Adam is right-wing cheerleader lawyer-in- training, so he'll be to tended like an old lady's garden, so reality to these guys is a bit different than it is at the pointy end of their policies. I don't expect them to make any sense or to feel any remorse, or ultimately to express any doubt. However I do expect us to challenge them at every turn, because, while not actively evil, they are short-sighted and greedy, and add real power to that mix and you've something as close to evil as I'd like to see.

Well said!


The thing about reporters with balls is that they have a history of getting killed in Iraq. Like all of those people from Al-Jezera who the US had some sort of "friendly fire" incident with. So I hope they aren't watching Lara Logan too closely...

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