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A Note on the Nature of Reality

Dear (some) Americans:
As expected, in response to criticism from Russia and China over the Iraq war, Condi Rice has dropped the latest in a number of shoes: The Russians sold them out.

Ah, the comforting repetition of pattern: criticism/discrediting. Not only are critics of the war inside America unpatriotic, but critics outside the country can't be trusted either. Dance steps of this precision to obscure and discredit opposition haven't been seen since the days of ol' Doc Goebbels, and he had a club foot.

Listen, if there's anyone out there who by now hasn't realized what liars the Bush administration are...Please do your best not to reproduce, ok? I have no desire to be overrun by drooling morons, regardless of your Christian duty to lay on top of your wife and rub up and down and make babies in the name of the red white and blue.

A few facts. And they are facts, no matter how many RPMs of spin folks in the ass pocket of the VP have imparted:

The war was started under false pretenses. Osama didn't even send Xmas cards to Saddam, OK? You are victims of weapons of mass distraction.

Your President and his puppeteers have broken the law, and violated some of your most sacred American human rights: the right to privacy, and the right to a fair trial. If your Constitution defines you, then you must punish the men who wipe their asses with it.

It's pronounced NU-Clee-er. I can't stress this enough. Doesn't it bother you that the man with his chocolate-stained fingers on the BUTTON can't pronounce the names of the 'little critters what make it go boom'?

Evolution is a fact, no matter how much you don't want to acknowledge it. That Book you have so much faith in was written by committee hundreds of years after the events within. And, I'm thinking the guys that wrote it were high and laughing their asses off.

I just wanted to get that out of the way. Listen, I have no doubt that a comforting illusion (or twelve) makes you feel good about yourselves. I've rationalized a few things in my life, most of them involving tequila, a mule, and chocolate sprinkles. But I digress...

The thing is: You see...no, I mean ACTUALLY SEE things happening that are wrong no matter what interpretation is given to them, and yet you ignore it. You accept the simplistic, canned answer rather than getting out of your XBox-dulled, Prozac and Viagra cocktail-addled fog and actually asking the question: are you seriously expecting us to believe this?

It truly defies all logic.

Finally, consider this: the U.S. government has systematically changed the names of all the things and concepts that are undesirable, in their view. For example, civilian casualties are now collateral damage. This administration has created and reinforced their own specialized discourse that automatically condemns anything that falls outside of their control or is negative for them. By limiting the available forms of discourse, they have created an atmosphere in which criticism is limited, because opponents to disagreeable policies no longer have language available to them to allow them to enter into reasoned arguments - the world has been categorized into good/evil, black/white, us/them. They have stolen your language out from under you, so it will soon not be possible to think contrary thoughts, as you will no longer have words for the concepts you wish to express.

Wecome to INGSOC, a few years later than expected. We have always been at war with Eurasia, and the chocolate ration has been raised to twelve grams a week. Welcome to the Fox News Two Minutes' Hate. Long live Big Brother!


Amen, Brother Flash! Testify! (Of course, you realize you're probably speaking to the choir)

Talk like that and you'll soon be talking to the judge and jury!

The unmarked van is back...

Tell Bill I said hello - and tell him to pass on to Tom that there's a change in my schedule this tuesday

It's amazing how the modern world in no way resembles a George Orwell book...

Flash, the best way to deal with the unmarked vans is to tap on the window and ask them what they take in their coffee.

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